Sunday, September 03, 2006

MD Unger - Building for the future!

Rumors had it that a major real-estate developer has bought the half square block on 14th Ave between 49th & 50th St. The deal included Bais Yakov of Brooklyn (AKA Balkany), Temple Emanu-El, the Boro Park Y, and the old Bais Sara girls school building. The plan was to demolish the entire lot and build apartments for the over crowded Boro Park community. It seems that the deal fell apart when they where unable to get approval to demolish the Temple which has a Landmark status. So, R' Mordche Dovid Unger bought the Balkany building and adjacent landmark Temple at the corner for $14 Million. R' Mordche Dovid plans to make his main Shul and base operations over there.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Nachum Segal Live from Israel

Nachum Segal "The Voice of Jewish Radio" in New York Joins thousands on Shabbos Parshas Chaye Sara in the holy city o Chevron...

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Bobov in Cyber Space!!

Bobov of 48th Street has launched a new website to keep all it's followers and suppoerters of the happenings in the Bobov Dynesty!!

Nice pictures, Divrei Torah, etc.

Holy Camera!!

Ultra-Orthodox Jews turn New York camera store into big-time business

Published in the NewsDay a few days ago!!
Nice article. Enjoy,0,6112392.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork

Eagletronics May Close its Doors for Good!!

Eagletronics, owned by the former owner of Eagle's Electronics, is very close to closing its doors for good with no more plans for any clever reincarnations of the store on the horizon. Having closed its doors on 13th Avenue and 50th Street just a little while ago and moving to a new location on 39th Street, the store has lost much of its customer base and can no longer afford to stay in business. Eagle's troubles started a long time ago when, in order to evade his litigious 30% partner and now owner of The Buzz Electronics in Flatbush, had bankrupted over a suit for three years worth of profits owed to him for being illegally thrown out of Eagle's. However a Din Torah decided that just bankrupting would not get Eagletronics off the hook since the partnership would still be valid and he would have to continue forking over the 30%. Upon hearing this Eagle's decided to settle the claim with his partner and agreed to pay back the last three years worth of profits if his partner would agree to absolve the partnership. This new expense coupled with the new location and the $100,000 moving expenses served to practically completely ruin the business. I guess the Yingerleit working there will have to treck to Manhattan now every day to B&H.